Boilermaker jobs in Australia: The current state of play

Boilermaker performing a high temperature job

Are you looking for a boilermaker job? Western Australia’s thriving mining industry means there’s a high demand for skilled welders.

Companies are offering both temporary and permanent roles with competitive pay rates. They’re also making the transition from the eastern states easier by organising and paying for quarantine. This takes the stress out of the move.

Do you want to upskill in welding and fabrication? Now’s the time to further your career. Mining companies are considering second-class welders and will help you develop specific skills.

So is it time to get a boilermaker job in Western Australia? We give you the lowdown on mining opportunities.

Boilermaker job opportunities in Western Australia

According to the Australian Government, there were over 70,000 steel and welding trades in 2020. It’s predicted to stay stable for the next five years, which is good news if you want to continue in the industry.

Struggling to find a job over east? Western Australia still leads the way in the number of jobs available. This tracks considering the number of requests we receive from companies looking for skilled workers.

Worried about how COVID implications? Companies are open to supporting your move from over east and helping you get established in the sunny state. That means covering quarantine costs as well.

There are also opportunities to take on a FIFO job from your east coast location. And if you work with a mining recruitment agency? Your job search will be streamlined as well.

What can you expect from a boilermaker job in WA?

If you want to get a job in Western Australia, you can expect to work in mining. Mining jobs demands strong technical skills and manual dexterity, which you will have if you’ve been working in welding for a while.

You must also be comfortable with heights and confined spaces, and adhering to safety guidelines is extremely important.

Most boilermaker mining jobs are FIFO in nature, with many workers flying to a regional location for 1-4 weeks depending on the swing and then returning home for a certain amount of time.

The average hourly rate for a boilermaker in Western Australia is $50-$55ph in Perth and $60 – $75ph for FIFO boilermaker jobs. Of course, your pay will depend on your skill level.

What skills will you need in mining

Wondering what the typical skill companies are looking for in boilermaker welders? Successful candidates will usually possess the following:

  • Cert III in Heavy Fabrication
  • 1-year post trade experience
  • Heavy mobile plant experience (buckets and mining machinery)
  • C-Licence, LF Licence (in some cases)
  • Australian working rights
  • Ability to pass medical/drug and alcohol screen
  • Strong time management skills
  • Problem solving skills

Do you have welding experience but want to grow your skills in boiler making? Companies are willing to consider second-class welders and will help you develop specific skills. We can also partner with you while you upskill through our Future Focus program.

We’ll streamline your entry into a boilermaker job in WA

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