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How can I make the best first impression in my interview?

Securing your dream role is all about presenting the best version of yourself. All it takes is some good interviewing skills to differentiate yourself from other candidates and hold your employer’s attention. Preparation, planning and presentation all come into play when attending a job interview.

What to do to prepare for your interview.

Look over your previous experience, taking mental notes of anything that might be worth bringing up in the interview.

Ensure you are presented in a professional manner with a clean/pressed suit or smart jacket with a skirt or trousers. No leather or denim. Ensure necklines are appropriate and if you are wearing a skirt ensure the length is suitable. Makeup, jewellery and perfume should be kept to a minimum and facial jewellery should be removed.

Establish the location of the company, parking and how to get there. Be at least 5 minutes early but no more than 10 minutes early.

Regardless of the environment, DO NOT under any circumstance
use profanities or slang words. Be professional in your speech and manner.

Research the company by reviewing their website and any company literature. Have a couple of questions prepared to ask about the company.

Create a good first impression, on average you have approximately 30
seconds to impress. It is natural to be nervous during an interview but practising with a friend can help to ease nerves.

Speak up when answering questions, respond clearly and directly – provide an example where possible. Don’t mumble or over talk, if you don’t understand a question or know how to respond, be honest.

How can I make the best first impression in my interview?

Taking the time to get your resume right matters if you want to be noticed for the right reasons.

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