See if the Job Fits You and if you Fit the Job

Are you tough enough to cut it?
Are you Aston JobFit™?
Take the JobFit™ Challenge and find out.

Aston JobFit Challenge

Why you should take the Aston JobFit™ Challenge?

Breaking into the Australian mining, warehousing, or manufacturing industries can be tough, especially if you have no previous experience or qualifications. Competition is high, positions are limited, and the physical nature of the work means that not everyone will make the cut.

That’s why Aston Advantage developed the JobFit™ Challenge. To help find out if you fit the job and if the job fits you.

Being Aston JobFit™ can kickstart your career in the industry of your choice. We run regular sessions in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane for several entry-level roles across mining, manufacturing, and warehousing. Get in touch if you think you’re hard enough to take the challenge.

Aston jobfit Challenge

Drillers Offsider JobFit™ Challenge

The better your skills, the better your pay. No mystery there. The Aston JobFit™ Challenge will let you experience what it will be like to be a Drillers Offsider before you even step onsite. If you’re serious about your career, you should check out the recommended tickets and licenses to help you land the job.

No kidding around, being a Drillers Offsider is tough work and the Aston JobFit™ Challenge will sort out the softies from the rest. Hopefully, you’re hard enough!

Trades Assistant JobFit™ Challenge

Do you think you can cut it as an Aston TA? The Aston Trades Assistant JobFit™ Challenge will put you through your paces and ensure your general fitness, skills and experience are the right fit for the job. The great thing about this challenge is it opens up several opportunities for your career.

Assembly Tech – No experience necessary, great way to kickstart your career
Manufacturing / Mechanical Offsider – Minimum 6-months experience on the tools in a manufacturing plant. Mainly local work
HD Offsider – Minimum 6-months experience on vehicles, with exposure to mechanics and fitting. Possibility of FIFO work


Warehousing JobFit™ Challenge

Are you ready to move your warehousing career forward? Take the Aston Warehousing JobFit™ Challenge to get a better understanding of what it’s like on the warehouse floor, and to see if your skills measure up.

If you want to take your career to the next level, you can also check out some of the recommended tickets and licenses to elevate your chances of landing the role.

Read what job seekers have to say about the Aston JobFit™ Challenge…

Google 5-star Review

“Well versed in their field. A very informative and creative (job)fit challenge, with an excellent facilitator. Open and friendly staff all round … They seem to be much more organised from any agency I’ve seen thus far. Would recommend!”

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Joshua Davey, Perth

Google 5-star Review

“Incredible Job Fit Challenge!

Thankful to Crystal and Kaye for their good communication and willingness to help.

Crystal made both the explanation and the exercises very fun and entertaining while Kaye was always connected to such an extent that when she finished she called me to see how it went.

Many thanks to both of them and to Aston Advantage.”

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Nicolas Deges, Sydney

Google 5-star Review

“Great Introduction to those who are less informed or don’t know what the minimum requirements are to get your foot into the mining industry! Fitness test was worth it and is crucial to stand out! Staff is very helpful and informative and give you all the info you need.”

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Jordan Hurley, Brisbane