Why Aston Advantage?

Our purpose is to make sure people and companies get the best out of each other. Why Aston? Because we're specialists, we're honest, we do the work, and we're in it with you together.

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Get the best of the best with Aston Advantage

Like it or not mining and construction are people businesses. And people problems aren’t about bad people — they stem from having the wrong people in the wrong roles, because nobody took the time to get it right the first time.

So let’s get it right. Let’s not just get you the best people, let’s show you how to get the best out of them so they become your best asset over time. Here’s how we do it…

We’re Specialists in recruitment for mining
and construction.

The specialist beats the generalist. Mining and construction are highly specialised industries — and that’s the niche we chose to specialise in. The general recruiter rhetoric doesn’t cut it here. These industries have unique people challenges. And we get that. The good news is that we’ve seen and solved them all before and it’s the sole reason why we exist. So we use our national footprint, and 100K+ curated special purpose database to find matches that others miss.

Get the Aston Industry Guarantee.

We don’t offer a hollow replacement guarantee, we offer an industry-leading, ‘money-where-our-mouth is’ full, 4-month, risk-free, money-back guarantee. This means that we’re in it together.

  • Permanent hires will stay a minimum of four
    months or we’ll refund all recruitment fees.
  • Temporary staff will stay longer than four hours or
    there’s no charge.
  • See the change with Business Improvement training
    within 4 months or it’s free.
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We do what we say we will and
we’ll always be Honest with you.

Recruiters have a bad name — and that pisses us off. Many over-promise, under-deliver, skirt around the real issues and often take the job with no intention of fulfilling it — and that sucks. It sucks for everybody, so you’ll never catch us telling fibs. You might not always like it, but you’ll always get the truth from us. And you might just find that a refreshing change.

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Industry Knowledge

We’re part of your industry and know the challenges.

Talented People

We do more to ensure no dud hires or annoying no-shows.

Improve Culture

Business development and training to make your workplace work.


We develop effective teams and high performing individuals

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We do the Work, from sourcing to
onboarding and ongoing training.

There’s a difference between filling a role and filling a role with the RIGHT person. To do the latter you’ve got to do the work. A lot of work. Not just the standard checks, but to create actual tests to see how people act and react under real-life pressure and if they’re a good fit for the culture and role long term. We do more rigorous testing than anyone in the industry, so it’s no surprise why our retention rates range from a x3 to a staggering x8 against industry benchmarks.

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Bernie Thornton

Our experience working with the Aston team is a good one – we find them professional, competent – they provide us with the flexbility to ramp up our blue collar workforce when we get busy which is a great advantage to us.

Bernie Thornton, Director, Fredon Electrical & Communications WA

Piero Liscia

The amount of time that we’ve gained from not spending time trying to find people, Aston found the people for us – normally of a very high calibre. They know their job, they do their job very well.

Piero Liscia, General Manager, Sitech (WA) Pty Ltd

Lyndon Berry

In the last 18 months, in total we’ve engaged with Aston for about 130 candidates, it’s been critical to the business to be honest. My experience working with the Aston team has been excellent. Being able to call on somebody that specialises in that field, to have candidates ready to go.

Lyndon Berry, Business Manager, Drilling Industry

Ashley Abrahams

Knowing that they hire subject matter experts within the field of the trades that we look for, gave us a lot of confidence. From our side, we do put pressure on them and anything I’ve asked them, they’ve delivered.

Ashley Abrahams, Business Development Manager, Performance Mining