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Our purpose is to make sure people and companies get the best out of each other. We recruit all roles, from CEOs to labourers in the Mining and Construction industries.

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It’s time for a change in the Mining and Construction recruitment sectors.

Here at Aston Advantage, we believe:

  • mining and construction are different to other sectors and ‘bullsh*t’ won’t cut it here
  • the key to long term success is both the people and the company growing together
  • that simple people skills are the productivity piece that’s been missing for too long
  • in being real: if you want to be better, you better be honest

More than a decade staffing the
mining industry in Australia.

We’re heavily relied upon by the resources sector for
reliable staff who’ll become an asset to their business.

  • Short-term placements
  • Long-term career positions
  • Management and corporate hires
  • Industry-trained professionals
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The construction industry is a big
part of our DNA.

Since 2008, we’ve worked with the best in heavy industry,
from SMEs to large companies. Our founders and many of
our agents have previously worked in your industry.

  • Qualified and technically experienced candidates
  • Forepersons, engineers, tradespeople and more
  • Long-term hires and short-term fill-ins
  • Training and upskilling opportunities
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Meet our talented people.

We’re dedicated to helping people make their workplace enviable in the industry. Our team know the industries we service in depth, how they’re changing, and where they need to evolve to move forward.

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