Why finding a mining job is easier with a mining recruitment agency

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Let’s be honest, finding mining work can be a slog—requiring time, patience and persistence. You’ll need to update your CV, trawl through generic job boards until you find a suitable role to match your skills, then write countless cover letters.

When applying for mining jobs directly through the company, it’s often a waiting game. Without connections in the mining industry, the job hunt can feel like knocking on a series of doors with no way of knowing which one will open.

You may not even get a courtesy rejection email—the equivalent of being ghosted in the dating scene. We know it can start to feel like you’re in limbo, always wondering what you need to be doing to improve your chances of moving from candidate to becoming a mining employee.

Applying for mining jobs through a mining recruitment agency makes the job hunt easier. A specialist mining job consultant offers support to take the hard work out of finding work, meaning you’re more likely to find a role to progress your career.

Here’s why choosing to apply through a mining recruitment agency is the easier way to find a better mining job.

Mining job applications are managed for you

Working with mining recruitment consultants takes the admin hassle out of job applications.

Your mining recruitment consultant will meet with you to discuss jobs that interest you, the type of swings to suit your lifestyle, as well as to determine any areas for further certification that could help progress your career.  Once you’re connected with a consultant, they’ll notify you about suitable positions as they become available—jobs that may not ever appear on Seek, Indeed or other platforms.

The mining recruitment agency will also manage the job application process and communications, so you don’t have to. You’ll need to be ready for an interview… and sometimes not even that! Now that beats trawling through a mining job board.

You get access to industry connections

You’ve heard the saying, it’s who you know, not what you know. Of course, skill and experience are important, but finding a mining job is easier with industry connections.

The best thing about working with mining recruitment agencies is you don’t have to know people yourself. Over time, recruitment consultants have built relationships with credible mining companies and get notified when they’re looking for work.

Consultants help you get in front of the right people. Applying for mining jobs through an agency gives you a competitive edge.

You’re given the inside scoop on what mining companies are looking for in a candidate

Mining recruitment consultants talk to mining companies all day every day, so we know what employers are looking for in a candidate.

For example, certain mining companies may be looking for a FIFO driller experienced with underground rigs, or a mining operator with all-around experience. If you fit the bill, we’ll encourage you to highlight this specialised experience in your application, which will give you a leg up.

If you fit the bill, we’ll encourage you to highlight this specialised experience in your application, which will give you a leg up.

You’re provided application and interview support

Unless you have a helpful friend or family member who works in HR and is willing to give you tips, it’s difficult to know how best to present yourself. Mining recruitment agencies guide you through the application process.

We give you resume advice and help you prepare for interviews. It’s like having your own mining job coach. We’re also here if you have any questions throughout the recruitment process.

Agencies can advance your mining career

Are you ready to reach new heights in your mining career? With an intimate knowledge of employers and candidates, a mining specialist recruitment agency will support you in finding a job that aligns with your career goals.

Do you need to upskill? Aston Advantage can connect you with upskilling programs to help you achieve the requirements or certifications needed for that dream job.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your mining career, talk to Aston Advantage by getting in touch here.


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